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With almost a decade of experience specializing in the area of Family Law, we remain steadfast in our desire and commitment in providing our Client’s with a wrap around approach evidenced by a larger more encompassing continuum of services.

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At Pizarro Law, LLC, we provide the following legal services.


From simple uncontested Divorces to extensive heated debates we're here to guide you through the process while zealously fighting to ensure you obtain an equitable division of the marital estate. 

Parentage & Child Support

In parentage matters and in marriages involving children, finalizing the details in an Allocation for Parental Responsibilities and securing the equitable division of Parenting Time between you and your partner and/or spouse can be exhaustive and stressful. 

We are here to help ease the process through the application of creative, detailed and skillful document drafting where the interests and stability of the child are always at the forefront of everything we do.

Custody & Guardianship

Demonstrating you are a fit and proper person that should be granted Custody and Guardianship of your minor child, unshared with the other biological parent, is not an easy feat, it's even harder for a biological non-parent relative seeking parental responsibilities. 

We can help you navigate petitioning and garnering the parental rights you are seeking in your pursuit of the custody and guardianship of a neglected or abandoned minor child.

Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements

Premarital agreements can be uncomfortable to negotiate, let alone discuss, especially as your nuptials are nearing. Let us negotiate for you. Let us create the documents that protect your assets should your happy marriage end in a divorce. 

We can also protect you post the "I DO's" should you find yourself acquiring substantial assets or earning a considerable income after your nuptials that you desire to maintain buffered, protected and undividable in a divorce. 

Real Estate

When buying or selling your home, a piece of property, commercial or investment, you want to have the peace of mind knowing that all the "i's" have been dotted and the "t's" crossed to ensure that you and your assets are protected. We review all the nooks and crannies of a contract so you don't have to. 

Small Business Development

When you're a Small Business legal services can feel like a luxury: out of reach and unaffordable. We, on the other hand, would argue you can't afford not to have legal services. You've worked so hard to brainchild a business, let us help you protect your ideas, your passion, and your dreams. 

We will assist you in creating a pathway to success, individualized to you and your Business needs. From creating an LLC to navigating employment solutions and employment contracts we are here to help you succeed, one Small Business at a time. 

Probate & Estate Planning

Losing a loved one is never easy and it's even harder and more complex when having to sort through their assets, navigating creditor claims and playing referee as family members fight over the pieces of life and history your loved one left behind, as you move through the Probate process. Without a plan, the state can distribute the deceased's assets, determine legal beneficiaries and cloud what's most important- maintaining and protecting the history that was inevitably left behind. 

We can help you maintain your legacy and help you avoid having your estate go through Probate by establishing a comprehensive plan allowing your heirs to inherit your property, your memories and your family heirlooms, by being purposeful, intentional and deliberate while still living. 

Employment Visas

When career and business goals lead you outside the U.S. or when members of your dream team come from abroad, having someone who can navigate the complex employment and business immigration laws can mean the difference between delaying or following your dreams, wherever they may lead. 

You can petition for yourself showcasing your extraordinary and outstanding ability or your employer can file a petition on your behalf, either way we're here to make sure you get the application done right, the first time.

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As a Female Minority owned and run law firm, we are committed to not only supporting local and global initiatives around empowerment and access to legal assistance, but also actively participating in the ways in which we can make a positive impact. 

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